Who’s interested in decorative painting and antique paint preservation and restoration?

Hello and welcome to Mark Edward Drew’s blog for decorative painting. In 1974 I began my itinerant career as a painter of fine interiors. Having a substantial creative ability, and broad curiosity, I’ve been drawn to spend these last few decades seeking, developing and sharing the techniques and skills necessary to execute my trade across the US and to Europe. It is not my goal, or ability, to be the last word on all topics pertaining to decorative painting, the subject is too broad and always expanding.  You should find, however, that I have broad knowledge of the techniques of traditional painted decoration including faux bois and faux pierre, trompe l’oeil, stenciling, gilding, smalting, transparent glazing, painted patination and mural execution, and like any artist I am always trying to create what has not been done yet. With that said I  begin this open forum for anyone to ask questions and discuss their experiences as a decorative artist, consumer or customer of the arts and  the curious as well. Thanks to all who join me.

Mark Edward Drew

‘As all the world is a stage, decoration is the backdrop for life.’

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2 Responses to “Who’s interested in decorative painting and antique paint preservation and restoration?”

  1. Kevin says:

    I have seen your work and admire your techniques. Do you have any examples online that would help me visualize better what you offer? Thanks!

  2. MarkDrew says:

    Thanks for your interest. I hope you’ll check out my website at markedwarddrew.com.

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